About Us

Laurie talking about Jordan's General Store

I always knew I was going to have my own business but was just not sure what. I wanted to honour my roots with a superior small batch consumable product with a quality worthy of our motto "A Solid Tradition".
It needed to be pint sized for a single person to have fresh sauce to the end of the bottle yet big enough for a family of four to have enough for several meals. And be versatile- not solely as a dipping sauce but okay to grill with it if you chose to.
Oh, and it had to tuck into the frig without hogging all the shelf space. Thus, the 8 oz Stout bottle was chosen.

Jordan's General Store has nine "tried and true" Gourmet Sauces lab tested and ready to go. Initial production of the first couple started in March of 2017 after food panel judges narrowed down their top picks. 

​Currently we have five in production - Maple Campfire, Smokey Smokey, Mrs J's Sauce, Piquant and our 2018 addition "Hi Class - Lo Carb" BBQ Sauce. At only 1.2 carbs per serving it's sure to rival our top seller.

Today we offer a Virtual Store located near Black Diamond, Alberta. Our product may be found at local Farmer's Markets and Christmas Markets.